OCMS – Small Group Counseling

In an effort to support OCMS students further, the OCMS School Guidance Counselor will begin holding small group counseling sessions. At this time, there are only two groups: KUDOS (Kids Understanding Divorce or Separation) and the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton group (for students who’ve recently transferred to OCS from a different school). 

According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), small group counseling “involves a number of students working on shared tasks and developing supportive relationships in a group setting; [and it] is an efficient, effective, and positive way of providing direct student service to students with academic, career, and social/emotional developmental issues and situational concerns.” 

These groups are a safe place. At this age, middle schoolers naturally concern themselves with the thoughts and opinions of their peers. These groups could help them know they are not alone in whatever they are experiencing; they are not the only OCMS students going through something like this! In these groups, we will honor an oath of respect and confidentiality. Students will sign a contract so that “what’s said in the group stays in the group.” Confidentiality is of utmost importance. 

Before students join any small groups, parents will be contacted for permission, or consent. Parents/guardians and students, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school guidance counselor via phone at (270) 683-0480