Our Vision

Mission Statement

Owensboro Catholic Schools share in the mission of the Church in communion with families and parishes to provide excellence in Catholic faith formation and academics which prepare students to become responsible individuals as well as members of their family, Church, and community.

Vision Statement

Our administration, faculty, and staff strive to provide our families with a quality Catholic K-12 education by fostering excellence in discipleship, academics, and extracurricular activities. We are committed to working closely with our families to meet our students’ needs. While the foundation of our school program is our Catholic faith, it is our goal to guide our students as young disciples of Jesus Christ.

ACES Pillars

Owensboro Catholic Schools has a long standing tradition of providing a quality Catholic education to the greater Owensboro community, and with excellent academic programs embedded in the Catholic faith, we are thriving now more than ever. Four buildings make up our school system, but one collective vision keeps us focused on excellence. Our school community is actively fostering a thriving, economically sustainable, world-class K-12 Catholic education system built on the ACES Pillars of  1.) Academics, 2.) Catholicity and Discipleship, 3.) Extracurricular Activities and Athletics, and 4.) Stewardship. Through a collaborative effort, we have developed strategic plans in each of these areas to ensure continued excellence.


Owensboro Catholic Schools strive to offer a world-class K-12 educational program. With collaboration and coordination from our building principals, faculty, and staff, we will continue to effectively meet the needs of our students

  • K-12 Standardized test scores are consistently above the state and national averages.
  • Specialized programs are implemented to foster critical thinking and creativity, such as STEM, Academic Team, and Robotics.
  • Technology is used to facilitate and personalize student learning through the use of web-based learning programs.
  • Over 95% of graduates enroll in higher education institutions.

Catholicity and Discipleship

Owensboro Catholic Schools strive to provide a faith-based learning environment that fosters positive relationships and personal success. The Catholic faith is the cornerstone of our school program. When visitors enter one of our buildings, it is clear Christ is at the center of all that we do.

  • Daily religion class provides a solid foundation and understanding of our Catholic faith.
  • Weekly Mass and the regular celebration of the Sacraments allow students to practice their faith as a school community.
  • Grade level retreats foster the development of Discipleship.
  • Service projects make students aware of social justice issues through active participation.

Extracurricular Activities & Athletics

Owensboro Catholic Schools strive to provide quality enrichment activities that foster positive relationships, diligence, responsibility, and collaboration. From competitive varsity athletics to elementary intramural programs and from chess club to robotics club, there is a wide array of activities offered to our students which foster a well-rounded student.

  • A full offering of competitive varsity, junior varsity, and middle school  sports programs foster teamwork, diligence, and dedication.
  • Organized elementary intramural sports programs foster positive social interactions with peers in a group setting while preparing students for more competitive sports in the upper grade levels.
  • Various activities, such as Band, National Honor Society, International Club, and Chess Club, provide well-rounded educational experiences that allow students to pursue their interests and prepare students for future success.


Owensboro Catholic Schools strive to effectively plan for future sustainability as a K-12 school system. Through collaborative strategic planning, administrators, council members, faculty, and staff work to develop and implement improvement plans to ensure continued progress and effective resource management.

  • Annual strategic plans are developed for each of our ACES Pillars (Academics, Catholicity and Discipleship, Extracurricular Activities and Athletics) to increase accountability and ensure continued progress.
  • 15 supporting Parishes provide financial support to keep tuition affordable for families.
  • The school community actively engages in fundraising activities and events to help support various school programs.