Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Owensboro Catholic Elementary 4-6 Campus!  Our school has many enriching learning opportunities for your children.  I would like to give you an overview of what you can expect from our school.

More than anything, we want for the students in the Owensboro Catholic Elementary 4-6 Campus to receive an excellent education, which is centered on Christ.  We have many areas to be proud of, some of which are a strong Catholic identity, parent involvement, academic curriculum, as well as extra-curricular opportunities for our students.

We are blessed to have an experienced and devoted faculty and staff.  Each day we work together to guide our students to success.  We are continually working to achieve excellence in our school in the following ways:

  1. By offering our teachers excellent professional development opportunities that will enable them to implement various learning strategies into their daily teaching.  This will benefit all students as teachers collaborate with each other to stay on top of the current curriculum issues.  This helps to insure the needs of all students are being met.
  2. Each week our students attend Mass with one of the parish priests within our school system.  The students also participate in prayer services, service projects, living rosary, and devotions centered on the Church’s liturgical seasons.  Each week priests make visits into the classrooms to speak to the students on various religious topics and answer any questions they may have concerning the Church and its teachings.
  3. Lisa Castlen is our Differentiated Learning Specialist.  She works with teachers to facilitate strategies that best fit our students.  This includes but is not limited to identifying the needs of our lower level and higher-level students, developing interventions for teachers and parents, work with students individually to assure their success, and to be a resource for teachers and parents. 
  4. We utilize technology as a tool to enhance students learning.  Students use iPADS, computers, and Chromebooks each day.  Students also attend computer classes each week where they are taught the latest programs such as Excel, Word, Google, etc. as well as keyboarding practice. 
  5. Students are given the opportunity each week to experience the Arts through our art and music programs.  Students participate in the Bluegrass in the Schools program where they are taught to play a different instrument each year. 
  6. We also encourage parent involvement within our school through our PTO and Parent Partner Program.  In order to make our school a success, we need to have support and help from our parents. 

Your child’s future holds a bundle of possibilities.  With our guidance, encouragement, love, and support, your child has the potential to become a great success.  We are confident that our commitment to academic excellence and Faith development coupled with the family environment will make for a happy and successful year for your child and for your family.

Once again thank you for your interest in the Owensboro Catholic Elementary 4-6 Campus.

Tracy Conkright – Principal