School Health

The Owensboro Catholic Schools and Owensboro Medical Health System have partnered to provide a School Nurse and Health Coordinator. Their responsibilities include supervising the health rooms at each of the OCS campuses and overseeing the health and well-being of students and staff.

Throughout the school year, health and wellness education is offered to promote the health and safety of your child. The Health Room Assistants at each school are available to provide comfort measures, first-aid, and medications as required.

Guidelines have been established to ensure safe and accurate medication administration. Parents are encouraged to contact the Health Room Assistants with questions or health concerns regarding their child. You may need to complete specific forms in order for the school to dispense medication to your child.

Sherry Krampe, BSN, RN
OCS School Nurse/Health Coordinator

School Health Assistant Schedule

K-3 Campus270-684-75837:15AM – 2:45PM
4-6 Campus 270-683-69897:15AM – 2:15PM
Middle School270-683-04808:15AM – 2:45PM
High School270-478-17678:00AM – 2:30PM