Principal’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Owensboro Catholic High School, the BEST high school in the state of Kentucky! Our number one goal is to keep students on the path to eternal salvation and we take every opportunity and make every effort to focus on our faith in and out of the classrooms throughout the school day. We also encourage and support involvement in the many service and charitable organizations so as to emphasize the importance of helping and serving others.

Our academic excellence takes a back seat to no one as evidenced by us out performing, local, state and national standards on a consistent basis which prepares our students for future success. Our faculty and staff challenge students to reach their potential which prepares them for the next level of education, training and the workforce.

The third and important part of developing well rounded students, is being able to provide many opportunities for students to display their God given talents. Through our award winning extracurricular activities that are well known and successful not only locally, but state wide, the vast majority of our students are able to explore and develop those talents in a variety of ways. Whether it be through the performing arts or sports programs or clubs, all students interests can be met.

At OCHS, many activities that provide personal and social interaction are a part of our curriculum. These activities can help create strong friendships and values that carry into adult hood and often turn into lifelong friendships. The emphasis on faith and family, with strong support from alumni, help keep the Catholic High tradition going strong as it has since 1951.

We encourage you to schedule a visit with us to witness firsthand all the positive things going on at Owensboro Catholic High School!

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