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Principal’s Message

On behalf of everyone at Owensboro Catholic High School, let me extend a very warm welcome to our school and wonderful community. Our number one goal is to keep students on the path to eternal salvation and we take every opportunity and make every effort to focus on our faith in and out of the classrooms throughout the school day.  

Our school is long established and has a strong track record of outstanding academic results. We outperform local, state and national standards on a consistent basis which prepares our students for future success. Our teachers are highly dedicated and deeply passionate about providing high-quality education, both in and outside the classroom.

Our priority is to provide a safe, secure and engaging learning environment – one that is faith based, challenging and above all caring. We believe in creating a school culture where our parents and students know us, like us and, most importantly, trust us. Our teachers know their students well and encourage each of them to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations. 

Our extracurricular programs are a point of pride in our community and allow students the opportunity to develop and flourish in sports, arts, music and academics, where they can develop key life skills including confidence, teamwork and leadership. 

The emphasis on faith and family, with strong support from alumni, help keep the Catholic High tradition going strong as it has since 1951.

We encourage you to schedule a visit with us to witness firsthand all the positive things going on at Owensboro Catholic High School!

George Powell
Principal, Owensboro Catholic High School