OCS 4-6 Counseling

Welcome to the Owensboro Catholic 4-6 Campus Counseling Page!

Hello!  My name is Natalie Anderson and I am the counselor for the OCS 4-6 Campus.  I thank God everyday for the opportunity to work with our students through classroom guidance lessons and a variety of counseling styles that fit students’ individual needs.  Classroom guidance lessons focus on social-emotional learning, coping strategies, mindfulness, teamwork, and self-esteem as well as college and career readiness for our 6th grade students.  As a certified Counselor, I evaluate students and work with them based on individual needs through group counseling, individual counseling, and friendship and self-esteem groups such as ‘Lunch Bunch.”  I feel communication and collaboration with parents, teachers, and administration is key to best meet the needs of our students.   

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Once a month, I visit each classroom in the building and work on lesson that cover social-emotional learning, coping strategies, mindfulness, teamwork, and self-esteem as well as college and career readiness.  These lessons range from bringing in members of the community for activities such as mock job interviews and mindful painting with local painter, Kelly McClelland, to projects and activities done in the classroom.  

Small Group Counseling

Throughout the school year I develop small counseling groups based on students’ current needs.  These needs can be anything that it seems multiple students are struggling with at the time and are constantly changing based on the school year and group of students.  However, some topics usually consistent over years when counseling small groups include grief, divorce, making friends, and self-esteem.  Parent permission is required since other students are involved in conversations.  

Individual Counseling

Many students benefit from the one-on-one individual counseling.  It gives them an opportunity to be heard and feel listened to with the security of having someone to talk to.  Throughout the years at the 4-6 Campus students will grow socially and emotionally as well as physically.  Whether it be just an off day or they are going through serious problems, students know I am there to talk to and guide them through any barriers to help get them through the day.  Once again, as a certified Counselor, I use a variety of methods and practices to fit students’ individual needs.  

Community Service and Collaboration

I feel it is important for the students to give back and be involved in their community.  I work with several local organizations to give the students opportunities to be involved.  Last year I teamed with Wendell Foster for the “Respect Starts Now” Campaign, the Owensboro Police Department for “Operation Santa” food boxes, and Gasper River for a day of team building.  My 6th grade group, the Aces Crusaders, teamed with Kentucky Remembers leading a school-wide project collecting items for care-packages for local soldiers that had recently been deployed.