What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program we use at OCS through which the school purchases gift cards and certificates at a discounted rate and sells them at face value. Our school keeps the difference, called a rebate. We use the funds we raise from scrip to help families offset their out of pocket tuition costs, the OCS general budget and OCS needs-based tuition assistance.  Every family has a $175 goal to meet.  The $175 represents the rebate percentage you get from each purchase. 

If we were to break that down for you, a family will typically need to purchase $5K-$6K in scrip for the school year in order to meet their scrip goal.  That may sound like a lot of money initially, but it’s important to remember, this is money you are spending already!  Think about it;  groceries, gas, clothes, utilities, dining out, some medical expenses, vet bills etc…  We keep cards in stock for most of the places you are spending money and shopping at already, both locally and nationally.  Once your goal of $175 is met, you won’t want to stop there because now you will start earning money for yourself or to apply toward your tuition bill.  75% of every dollar in profit goes back to you!  Like anything else you enjoy doing, scrip just takes a little time and planning.

Not only are you earning money back by buying scrip, you also limit your personal information from data breaches and credit card fraud by using these gift cards at retail stores and for online purchases – a real concern in today’s world. 

To get started earning, visit the Scrip Office located within the Central Office at the rear of Owensboro Catholic High School under the green awning.  Our wonderful volunteers can talk you through the ordering process and offer some tips and tricks to help you make the most of the rebates available.  Once in the habit, we think you will find buying and using scrip couldn’t be easier!