• Religion
  • Language Arts- Reading, English, Writing, Spelling
  • Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies

STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, & Mathematics)

At the K-3 Campus, we are able to incorporate aspects of our Catholic faith into our hands-on, engaging projects.  Students learn innovation and strategic-thinking by creating, designing, and collaborating with peers.  Students apply content knowledge and 21st century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity to solve real-world problems. 

Blended Learning

Teachers utilize technology to enhance and reinforce instruction through research-based programs like Lexia, DreamBox, IXL, Read Theory, and Accelerated Reader. Be sure to check the Daviess County Public Library if you cannot find a book in the school library. 

MAP Testing

Students K-3rd grade are tested three times per year in Math and Reading using a nationally normed computerized test. MAP testing gives immediate results that identify instructional areas that need intervention or acceleration. Teachers use this data to design lessons and instruction.


Google Apps for Education

To ensure our teachers have the tools and skills to provide a 21st century learning environment at the K-3 Campus, all teachers have attended multiple days of training on how to use Google Apps (Forms, Docs, Slides, Classroom, etc.) to maximize student learning.  Students use Google apps in classroom instruction.  With Google Classroom, teachers monitor student progress in real time and quickly assess student learning.  Teachers also differentiate assignments for individual student needs and communicate with parents through Google Classroom.  Students learn valuable technology skills such as typing, researching, and how to create presentations with the Chromebooks.

21st Century Learning Skills make technology an essential element of learning for all students. The  K-3 Campus has 2 Google Chrome Labs with 55 computers. Technology is utilized for enrichment, reinforcement, and remediation, as well as for productivity and creativity. The K-3 Campus has a 1:2 ratio of iPads in the Classroom-1 iPad for every 2 students.  The 3rd Grade classes have a 1:1 ratio of Chromebooks – 1 Chromebook for every 3rd grade student.  iPads and Chromebooks are used for practicing skills and for student assessment and productivity.  Students can access online textbooks and individualized digital learning resources.  Along with over 150 educational Apps on iPads, the following programs are also used in the Lab setting as well as in the classroom:

  • DreamBox Computerized Math Program – This program teaches students to become proficient, mathematical thinkers using virtual manipulatives. Dream­Box has intelligent adaptive learning technology to allow each child to work at his/her level.
  • Lexia Learning Program – Students receive multi-sensory practice in phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition and fluency by working with the Lexia Software. Students work in the program 3 times per week in the Media Center and on iPads in the classroom.
  • Accelerated Reader Program – Students set goals and read books on their level. AR is designed to be a motivational program that encourages students to read recreationally. Parents can follow their child’s progress by setting up an AR parent account online.
  • IXL – Students get personalized practice on specific skills in math and language arts. These skills are directly tied to the curriculum and correlate to the content being taught in the classroom. Students can also access the IXL program from a computer at home.
  • SMART Technology– Every classroom has a Smart TV and Apple TV used to enhance instruction.