Owensboro Catholic High offers three levels of diplomas:  the Standard High School Diploma, the College Preparatory Curriculum Diploma, and the Honors Curriculum Diploma.  The Standard Diploma meets the minimum state requirements for high school graduation.

The College Prep Diploma satisfies Kentucky’s Pre-College Curriculum, which is the minimum required for admission to any state-supported four-year college in Kentucky.  The colleges are each free to impose additional requirements, and most do have some additional coursework, GPA, or ACT requirements of their own.

The Honors Diploma also satisfies Kentucky’s Pre-College Curriculum, and is Owensboro Catholic’s very best preparation for college, provided the student is capable of the coursework.

Advanced Placement (AP) is a national program whereby a student may take an AP course in high school and then take an AP test over the material covered in that class.  If the student achieves a specified score on the test, he or she may transfer college credit to specific colleges.  The cost per test is $100.00.  OCHS offers the following AP courses: English 12 AP, Calculus AP, US History AP, European History AP, General Biology, Environmental Science AP, French AP, and Spanish AP.