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NameTitleAreas of Responsibility
Tom LillyOCS PresidentOverall Operations of the Schools
Keith OsborneOCS Director of AdvancementMarketing, Development, Registration, Admissions,
Natalie HaydenOCS Fundraising CoordinatorFundraising, Aces Apparel, SCRIP
David RalphOCS Director of TechnologyTechnology Support, I-Now Management
David KaysingerTechnology and Software SpecialistTechnology Support
Wayne PayneOCS Director of Buildings and GroundsFacility and Grounds Maintenance
Stephanie SnyderControllerplanning, directing and coordinating the financial accounting and reporting activities
Karen TaberAccounting Assistant/Human ResourcesHuman Resources and Payroll
Lisa KyleOCS SCRIP CoordinatorSCRIP
Cathy SterlingAccounting A/R - A/PTuition, Fees, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable

Building Administration

Overall Operations of the Building, Including Scheduling, Discipline, Instruction, Academic Programs, Religious Programs, Support Programs, etc.

K-3 Campus
Jim TiniusPrincipal
Laurie ScottAdministrative Assistant
4-6 Campus
Tracy ConkrightPrincipal
Maria CarrAdministrative Assistant
OCMS Campus
Sara GuthPrincipal
Lily McDivittAdministrative Assistant
OCHS Campus
Gates SettlePrincipal
Tracy MillerAdministrative Assistant