Extracurricular Activities & Athletics

Co-Curricular Classes:

Library/Media Center

Students go to Library for one hour per week to listen to stories, participate in interactive lessons planned by the Media specialist,check out books, and use the Google Chromebook Lab. There is an Automated Library Check out system, and a wide variety of books and genres are available. Parents may access the list of library books available online.


Students go to Music twice weekly. Students are introduced to music terminology, elements, and concepts. Along with music history and secular music, liturgical sign language and traditional mass songs are incorporated into the curriculum.

  • Orff Instruments: An instructional approach in Music combining Orff Instruments using music, movement, drama, and speech via the K-3 Campus Music Program. The music teacher has attended 3 summer institutes and has Orff Certification.
  • Bluegrass in the Schools Program: The K-3 Campus participates in the BITS program. The Bluegrass museum schedules an annual assembly featuring a Bluegrass Band with an educational component to teach students about the history of Bluegrass in KY.


Students go to Art Class for one hour per week. The art curriculum includes an introduction to a variety of materials, techniques, and art concepts. Students create hands on projects that reflect their individuality and creativity.

Physical Education

Students have 20 minutes of physical education every day. Students go outside or to the gym to participate in a variety of activities, including some structured games as well as activities that allow for students to have free play and social interaction with their classmates.
Teachers also provide organized “Brain Breaks” throughout the day that allow children to get up and move for short periods of time in the classroom. Research has shown that this allows young children to be more productive in school.


We believe our responsibility is to develop the whole child-socially, emotionally, academically, and spiritually.  As we look at children in elementary school, their growth is a continuum preparing them for the next stage of their development.  This is true especially in the area of physical development and participation in organized sports programs.  

The following sports opportunities begin in 3rd grade:

  • Basketball – Boys and Girls
  • Volleyball- Girls
  • Cheerleading

Other Programs:

Junior Achievement

The local Junior Achievement (JA) organization sends in local businessmen and women for a 5-week program that ties in with the current Social Studies program.

Brownie Troops and Cub Scouts

Students are given an opportunity to sign up for Brownies or Cub Scouts at the beginning of each school year. Troop leaders are responsible for finding a location to meet with their troop after school hours.

Extended School Day Program

An After School Program is offered daily from 2:30 until 5:30. A discount is offered for multiple children in the same family. A snack is provided and homework assistance is available for 3rd grade students. Students in Grades K-2 do not receive homework as­sistance. A variety of activities are planned to engage all students.

  • Board Games, Building Toys, iPads
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Puzzles, Creativity, and Hands on Fun
  • Supervised Outside and Indoor Play