Scrip FAQs

The OCS Scrip Program

Scrip is a term that means a certificate to be exchanged for goods or substitute money. Historically, it’s better known as certificates used at a company store or on military bases. In our instance, scrip is gift cards and certificates which the school purchased at a discounted rate and then sells at face value. Our school keeps the difference, called a rebate. We use the funds we raise from scrip to help families offset their out of pocket tuition costs, the OCS general budget and OCS needs-based tuition assistance.

The Scrip program is designed to fund raise on everyday purchases.  With numerous, wide-ranging local and national retailers participating, you are able to purchase and use gift cards and certificates at places you already frequent. This is money you are spending already! Every purchase you make will mean 70% of the rebate dollars will go toward your tuition. If you purchase a $100 card at 5% then you will have just earned $3.50 to go toward your rebate. That may not sound like a lot of money initially, but it’s important to remember, every little bit adds up. Think about it; groceries, gas, clothes, utilities, dining out, some medical expenses, vet bills, etc…  We keep cards in stock for most of the places you are spending money and shopping at already, both locally and nationally.

Not only are you earning money back by buying scrip, you also limit your personal information from data breaches and credit card fraud by using these gift cards at retail stores and for online purchases – a real concern in today’s world.

To get started earning, visit the Scrip Office located within the OCS Central Office at the rear of Owensboro Catholic High School under the green awning. The phone number for the Scrip Office is 270-478-1796. Our wonderful volunteers can talk you through the ordering process and offer some tips and tricks to help you make the most of the rebates available.  Once in the habit, we think you will find buying and using scrip couldn’t be easier!

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraising program in which OCS purchases gift cards and certificates at a discounted rate then sells them at face value. We use the funds we raise from scrip to help our families offset their out-of-pocket tuition costs and adds to the OCS needs-based tuition fund. Despite being a fundraiser, there’s no additional spending for you. Scrip is designed to raise money on everyday purchases.

I have a preschooler. Can I save on OCS Tuition now?

Yes! We can set up families into our Future Families Scrip Program who intend to send their preschool-aged child or younger to OCS. You will now be able to “bank” your scrip tuition rebate to be able to save on tuition the first year your child is enrolled. Use the Scrip Enrollment link, and select “Future Family” when enrolling. By the 7th year of enrolling in the Future Families scrip program, you must begin to utilize your tuition rebate.

How do I start?

Whether you’re a current family in Owensboro Catholic Schools or are expecting your first child, you can participate! Use the Scrip Enrollment link to enroll now. Or you can visit the Scrip Office in the OCS Central Office at the rear of the high school building, 1524 W. Parrish Avenue to enroll. We can talk you through the ordering process and ensure you have a username, an active email address and an OCS household number in our system.

What about grandparents, aunts or uncles, can they create an account?

Yes! Any family member that wants to earn rebates for you can have an account! This is especially convenient for out-of-town relatives who want to take advantage of the RaiseRight app for eCard purchases. Have any of those family members use the Scrip Enrollment link to enroll their name and email, but they need to enter your full family name for you to receive credit of their rebate earnings. Their rebate total forwards when we apply the distribution to tuition in June, so each family’s rebates are recorded separately until that time.

What’s the enrollment code for

We prefer you not register into on your own with our enrollment code. To guarantee you receive your tuition rebate, we assign an OCS household account number for all our families at registration. If you have never participated in scrip before, as a current or future family, submit an enrollment form to start the process. If you have participated in scrip in the past, but have never signed in to, you need to provide an email address and username to the Scrip Office or email [email protected].

What is the annual goal for each family?

There is no goal! Scrip is a voluntary program available for our OCS families to help reduce their tuition while making everyday purchases. The rebate is the discount given by the vendors. The higher the rebate percentage offered, the more you may reduce your tuition!

How long do I have to earn tuition rebate?

The earning period of each scrip year is from May 1 to April 30. The tuition rebate will be applied to the tuition of that fall’s start of the school year.

What scrip gift cards do you have in stock?

All vendors listed on our order form are the cards we keep in our inventory for both local and national cards.

So these are the only cards you can get?

No, we are able to purchase most national brands from our supplier at no additional cost. So if you’re heading somewhere out-of-town, or have a gift you want to send, place your order with us by noon Thursday and we typically have it the following Monday.

I can’t easily make it to the Scrip Office. How am I supposed to earn my tuition rebate? 

We understand that not everyone can get to our office during business hours. So we have volunteers that pick up scrip orders from each of our school locations on Tuesdays and Fridays. Send a completed order form and payment with your child on these days and we will pick up, fill the order and return them on the same day. In addition, RaiseRight offers an app which allows you to order electronic gift cards (eCards) for most national vendors 24-hours a day. Local vendors are not eligible for eCards.

When are you going to sign up my favorite local business?

We’re always looking expand our list of local vendors! Let us know of whom you’d like to see join the program and we’ll work with their management to try to make it happen!