Keeping up with best practice, current research, and continuous improvement is key in selecting the curriculum that will be covered at the 4-6 Campus. Teachers receive a minimum of four days of Professional Development during the summer, and other PD opportunities are planned throughout the school year to continuously search out and learn about the latest educational research and trends in best practice. Students receive instruction in all of the following curriculum areas: Religion, Reading, Science, Spelling, Math, English/Writing, Social Studies.

Instruction is designed with the needs of each individual student in mind. Whole group, small group, and individual activities are planned throughout the day. The average class size is 25 students.

Blended Learning

Teachers utilize technology to enhance and reinforce instruction through research-based programs like IXL, Read Theory, and Accelerated Reader. Be sure to check the Daviess County Public Library if you cannot find a book in the school library.

MAP Testing

Students 4th-6th grade are tested three times per year in Math, Reading, Language and Science using a nationally normed computerized test. MAP testing gives immediate results that identify instructional areas that need intervention or acceleration. Teachers use this data to design lessons and instruction.


Technology is an essential tool in expanding the educational experience and addressing the 21st Century Skills. At the 4-6 Campus there is a staffed Computer Lab with 30 computers.  In addition to the Media Center Lab, the students also have access to IPADS and Chromebooks for classroom instruction. Technology is utilized for enrichment, reinforcement, and remediation, as well as for productivity and creativity.