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Tips for Snacking Safely

Snack Safely

Never allow students to share food in the classroom or lunchroom.

Also, faculty and staff should not offer or share any food or snacks with students, unless it is approved through your school’s principal &/or ingredients checked by me, and ideally products from the “safe snack list.”

The “Safe Snack List” is updated monthly and can be accessed on this website:   


  • Once site is loaded, click on “click to download your copy.” (see attached picture).


  • The 1st 7 pages are ads…the food item list starts on page 8


  • Please note–There are different icons listed beside each food product:


o   Green check mark = **Safest option**  –Manufacturer asserts items are free of and produced in a facility that is Free of Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Eggs


o   Green triangle = Manufacturer asserts items are free of and produced in a facility that does not process Peanuts and Tree Nuts, BUT MAY contain Egg


o   Black Bullet = Short story long on Black Bullet–Use these items with caution.  The item does not list Peanuts, Tree Nuts, &/or Eggs on the food ingredient label, but are not explicitly marketed as Free of Peanuts, Tree Nuts, &/or Eggs, nor does it give information about manufacturing equipment or facility.