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SCRIP SUCCE$$ Users – Something New for 2014-15

This announcement is for everyone who uses the SCRIP program!

Due to new Internal Revenue Service regulations, all users of SCRIP will have to fill out a program agreement.

This agreement allows you to determine how your rebate is to be distributed –

  • as a credit to your tuition account
  • as cash back to you
  • as a gift to the school
  • as a credit to another family

When filling out this form your selections must equal 100%.

The administration fee will remain at 25% – so you will determine the remaining 75% of your total rebate.

All disbursements will continue to occur in mid June, after the SCRIP year ends in May.

Please note: all parish sponsored families will continue to have a goal of $175. Non-parish sponsored families do not have a goal because they have a higher tuition rate.

We will have all families sign this form during the registration process or before the start of the 2014-15 school year.

Any questions can be directed to Keith Osborne at [email protected]