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SCRIP SUCCE$$ – Kroger Update

As we announced earlier this month, Kroger is launching a new NATIONWIDE program called Community Rewards. This program will use your own Kroger Plus card to reward organizations with rebates (for example, Owensboro Catholic Schools) – thereby helping the organization earn a portion of the 3 Million dollars Kroger will be giving to our region.

Saturday, August 30, 2014, will be the last day you can recharge your Kroger card and have that recharge directly benefit your family. You will be able to use your Kroger card for payment until the balance reaches zero. After that, however, Kroger will not reload your card.

OCS has met with Kroger multiple times over the last week and a half and we are exploring potential solutions. Once a solution or solutions have been finalized, a special “In The Loop” will be sent out, along with web updates and Facebook and Twitter posts.Kroger