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SCRIP – Steady Wins the Race!

The SCRIP office has been closed this week in order to update to a new software program.  We have been busy getting everything ready.  We will re-open the SCRIP doors on Monday, June 26th at 10am.  What can you expect?  For the most part, everything will remain the same.  If you have large orders, we may request that you fill out a paper order form or bring in with you a list of everything you need to order.  We need this order form to help us pull orders a little faster for you.  Each SCRIP card that leaves the office will be scanned into our new program.  We expect all will run smoothly, but with change, we ask for your patience.  Our volunteers are here to help you but a new process may require a little extra time in the beginning.  We thank you in advance!

SCRIP – Steady Wins the Race!

Last week we answered the question for you, what is SCRIP?  We hope you now have a better understanding of what this program is.  This is a fundraiser that fits your lifestyle.  The next part we would like to explain, is how the rebate works and how it benefits YOU!  Many of our retailers, especially our local vendors, are very generous with their rebate percentages.  You can easily average at least 5% rebate at places where you were going to spend money anyway.  Let’s look at an example with groceries and gas:

Meijer     (Rebate) 4% (Monthly Spending) $480 = (Annual Earning) $230.40!
Franeys (Rebate)  3% (Monthly Spending) $240 = (Annual Earning)   $86.40!

That’s a total of $316.80 in annual earnings just in groceries and gas alone; not to mention if your family eats out or purchases some new clothes.  From this example, $316.80 earned will translate into a $106.35 reduction in tuition for the following year:
($316.80 – $175 goal = $141.80(.75) = $106.35).  You may say, well, that’s not much of a savings, but, look, you earned your goal and a little extra.  Now, you won’t owe at the end of the school year.  Just this much scripping accomplished that for you.

Remember, after you have reached your goal of $175, 75% of every dollar in profit goes back to you.  Where does the other 25% go?  That’s what we put back into the SCRIP program to run it and that money also goes to the general fund to pay bills and help with tuition assistance.

Let’s look at another example of a REAL family in our system.  We had a family spend $23,722.99 in SCRIP purchases.  These purchases included clothes, food, gifts, and even a new roof in this case.  Their rebate amount is $1,130.72 which you have to remember to subtract the goal $175 which gives us $955.72(.75) = $716.79.  This family is going to save $716.79 on their tuition bill.  How exciting!  Isn’t that exciting?  We have many success stories like this here at OCS.  You can do it too!

Now, let’s get real friends.  Visiting the SCRIP office once a year at Christmas is NOT going to fulfill your SCRIP goal and it is NOT going to help you earn any rebates on tuition.  As the title of this article states, “Steady Wins the Race!”  Scripping takes consistent planning and discipline.  You need to sit down and decide what you spend money on anyway and study the SCRIP vendor list and visit SCRIP regularly and often to purchase these cards or stock up in advance if you are able.  Don’t have time to come to the SCRIP office?  You may also purchase SCRIP on-line. We will discuss this more in next week’s article.

Bottom line, in order to fulfill your family goal of $175, your family will need to purchase $5K-$6K in SCRIP purchases for the SCRIP year.  Always remember, you do not have to go it alone.  Your family members and friends can purchase SCRIP in your family name.  Is someone you know purchasing an appliance or a computer?  These purchases add up fast.  Take orders at work!  Now that you are learning what it takes, we hope you will begin planning and earning.  See you Monday!