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School Re-Opening Plan

Dear OCS Parents – 

I want to share a flyer with you that has been put together by the Catholic Schools Office at the Diocese of Owensboro. In the flyer, you will see some of the early plans for the upcoming school year that will be implemented Diocesan wide. We feel certain that some (or all) of these safety measures may adjust or change before we return to school.

Keep in mind, we are focused on getting your children back in school, and we are focused on doing that as safely for everyone as possible. 

Change is never easy and a few of you may not agree with or like the measures that are in place at this point, but we must be focused on doing what is best for everyone, especially the most vulnerable.

I appreciate your willingness to make the sacrifices required to return to school! I know that OCS is at its best when we all work together for the success of our children! And I believe in the grand scheme of things, this virus is a short-term challenge. Our long-term challenge is the health and vitality of our schools – for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Keeping together, working together, we can ensure that the gift of a Catholic education will be available for many, many years to come.

I hope you enjoy the 4th of July weekend and ask God’s blessings on all of us – 

– Keith Osborne ‘81

Chief Administrative Officer

Owensboro Catholic Schools