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PowerSchool Fixing Registration Bug

PowerSchool has acknowledged today that they have been able to replicate the intermittent inability to “submit” documents that parents are experiencing in the OCS registration process. Over 300 families registered without these issues, but about 25% ARE experiencing issues with the “submit” button. PowerSchool is working on the problem and hopes to have it resolved TODAY.  This is a significant disappointment to OCS and the families impacted and PowerSchool has been made aware that these are unacceptable terms of our agreement.

We regret and apologize for these inconveniences.

In the meantime, a PowerSchool representative did issue a statement with some advice: “… if a parent/guardian has satisfied all required questions and validations, and if the ‘Next’ button is still not clickable, you can have the parent/guardian filling out the form save and log out, wait a minute, and then log immediately back in and it should allow him/her to move then to they payment page. This worked for my test record. While this is of course not ideal, this is an option until we can determine the cause and resolve the issue. Please let me know if you have further questions.”PowerSchool