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Optional ‘Test to Stay’ Program Information

Owensboro Catholic Schools has partnered with Ethos Laboratories (Newport, KY) to offer a “Test to Stay” opt in plan for students who have been in “close-contact” with someone who does NOT live in the SAME household who has tested positive to COVID-19.
The Test to Stay school program is an option that parents may choose in lieu of an automatic 7-day or 10-day at home quarantine if they have been in close contact with someone who does not live in their same household who has tested positive to COVID-19, such as a grandparent, friend, or teammate.
The Test to Stay program will allow students to safely remain in the classroom for optimum in-person learning and minimizing the need for remote learning due to absence from mandatory precautionary COVID-19 quarantine.
This Test to Stay program is supported by the State, so there is no cost to you or the school system and is a completely voluntary program and you will have the ability to un-enroll your child from the program at any time.
As always, we respect your decision and appreciate your ongoing support as we strive to accomplish our goal of more in-person learning days this school year.
1. Free optional testing for asymptomatic students who are in “close contact” with someone who does NOT live in the same household will begin Monday, 10-18-21 at 7:30 a.m. at OCMS & OCHS. Testing at K-3 & 4-6 Will begin 10-25-21.
2. Parents will need to call the school or send an email to to let us know they want their child to be tested.
3. Parents of students at any of the 4 OCS sites are encouraged enroll their child now so this will already be on file to speed up the the registration process on testing day. Parents may opt their child out of this voluntary program at any time, even if they register now.
4. When parents initially enroll their child in the program per attached instructions, they will need to select “Diocese of Owensboro” as their School District (top right corner of screen). Then they will be able to choose their designated OCS site under the School Name drop down box.-
5. Test results will be available in 15 minutes. If the child wants to eat breakfast at school, parents are encouraged to get their child to school early for testing.
Thank you!