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OCS Tuition Assistance Update

Thank you to all families who successfully registered for the 2017-2018 school year and applied for tuition assistance through the online FACTS tuition assistance management program.
As you know, Owensboro Catholic Schools is now using FACTS for tuition assistance management. In the past, the school used PSAS for this service; however, when  PSAS was recently bought out by FACTS, the school was forced to make this change. This transition has resulted in some tuition assistance awards that are inconsistent with previous year’s awards. This is due to the the process and formula that FACTS uses to determine each family’s financial need, which differs from that of PSAS.
Please know the process is being reviewed and discussed. While an outside third party is essential to objectively determine financial need, we want to make every effort to meet the financial needs or our families. It is our goal to distribute our tuition assistance funds equitably to support the needs of our school community and steps will continue to be taken to achieve this goal. Please continue to utilize the following procedures for tuition assistance.


Important Tuition Assistance Reminders


➤Families must complete the registration process before tuition assistance will be awarded.

➤Families will receive award notifications via email.

➤Families will be asked to accept or decline the tuition assistance award by clicking “accept” or

“decline” when they receive the award notification. Awards will not be applied unless they are accepted.

➤Families may apply for a tuition assistance appeal to receive additional assistance if they qualify. Families need to accept their initial award to be eligible for the appeal process.


Families with Additional Need

Tuition Assistance Appeal Process

In the event of extenuating circumstances that result in additional need for tuition assistance, families have the opportunity to meet with the director to apply for a tuition assistance appeal.


Appeal Conditions

➤Loss or change of job resulting in a decrease in income

➤Health or medical issues resulting in unexpected costs

➤Catastrophic accident resulting in property damage/injury and unexpected costs

➤Divorce or separation resulting in a change of financial support and unexpected costs

➤Other circumstances that demonstrate additional financial need

Appeal Steps

  1. Meet with the Director
  2. Update financials in FACTS
  3. Complete the online tuition assistance appeal application
  4. Allow a maximum of 14 days for the appeal board to review your application.

*Families will be notified of their appeal award via email and mail within 14 days of completing the application.

*Please contact the Central Office the First Week of May to schedule a time to meet with the Director if you feel you qualify for a tuition assistance appeal.


Thank you for supporting Catholic Education in Owensboro, Kentucky!


Gerald E. Schoen, Director

Owensboro Catholic Schools
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord, your God, will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9