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OCMS Student Council Sponsors Christmas Giving Tree

2019 OCMS Christmas Giving Tree

This year, our school will once again support Birthright of Owensboro and St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children by bringing in gift donations.

7th grade homerooms will be supporting Birthright of Owensboro

Birthright is a pro-life organization that helps mothers with unplanned pregnancies. They provide expectant and new mothers with diapers, baby clothes, blankets, and other infant care items. They also offer support such as counseling and parenting education.

8th grade homerooms will be supporting St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children

St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children is a residential home for neglected, abused, and homeless children, as well as pregnant teens and sibling groups. They offer a home-like setting for these children for as long as they need a place to live. Many of the children living at St. Joseph Peace Mission are in middle school and high school. This is often the first time these kids have lived in a “normal” home-like setting where they have adequate food, a quiet place to do homework, and a family to spend time with.

On a Christmas tree somewhere in the school, nine giftbags will be hanging on some branches. Each giftbag is personalized to its corresponding homeroom teacher. Inside these giftbags are tags with wish list items from Birthright and St. Joseph Peace Mission. Students will reach into the giftbag and pick out a tag; what’s on that tag is what we’re asking that student to bring as donation for either Birthright or St. Joseph Peace Mission. On Monday, November 25th, students will get their wish list tags. We will begin accepting donation items on Tuesday, November 26th (right before Thanksgiving break).

  • If you want to do more, you can certainly bring multiples of the wish list item.
  • Please, do NOT wrap gifts!
  • If you don’t have time to shop, both organizations would be just as thrilled with a monetary donation!
  • Items are to be brought to school by Friday, Dec. 6th, 2019.
  • A handful of STUCO representatives will assist Ms. Jones and Mrs. Ochoa in delivering the donation items to Birthright and St. Joseph Peace Mission the following week.

Thank you! – OCMS Student Council