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OCMS End of Year Awards

During the Awards Ceremony on May 26, 2016, Owensboro Catholic Middle School students were recipients of the following awards:

Christian Service awards for exhibiting strong Christian values were presented to 8th graders – Rudy Clouse and Kristina Stelmach.

The Father Ed Bradley Christian Student Athlete awards were presented to Jack Higgins and Elisa Clouse.

Religion Bee Awards were presented this year to classroom winners:  Thomas Clouse, Max Kurtz, Cameron Daniels, Matthew Murphy, Caitlyn Bell, Hagan Edge, Sean Henry, Spencer Osborne, Madeline Mattingly, Kate Weafer, Brooke Boarman, Madalyn Hyland, and Caroline Clements.  In the finals, our third place winner was Hagan Edge, 2nd place – Madalyn Hyland; and 1st place winner was Kate Weafer!

Student Council reps were recognized for their leadership and service to the school:  Alyssa Beyke, Lance Burdette, Garrison Danzer, Hagan Edge, Sarah Edge. Thomas Gonzalez, Megan Goodwin, Allie Hamilton, Jack Hamilton, Spencer Harvey, Katie Hayden, Owen Hayden, Reese Hayden, Jack Higgins, Kendall Kessler, Lily Moore, Will Murphy and Mackenzie Young.

Students of the Month for the school year are as follows:  September, 2015:  Cassidy Towery, Javier Gaynor, Emma Silvert, Cameron Daniels; October, 2015:  Alex Scheithe, Noah Edelen, Kristen Corley, Reece Peach;  November, 2015:  Lily Moore, Jonathon Isbill, Mackenzie Young, Max Kurtz; December, 2015:  Grace Brocato, Spencer Osborne, Kendall Kessler, Jaden Bertke;  January, 2016:  Katie Hayden, Brady Aud, Reese Hayden, Russell Tichenor;  February 2016:  Anna Lee Meyer, Jack Hamilton, Abby Bahnick, Logan Davis;  March, 2016:  Elise Kerr, Evan Goetz, Kristen Ebelhar, Joseph Fusco; April, 2016:  Kate Weafer, Logan Jones, Lydia Baird, Thomas Gonzalez; May, 2016:  Brooke Boarman, John Cason, Lexi Miles, Clayton Lewis.

The following students were recognized for their achievements on the OCMS Academic Team:   Mackenzie Young, Reece Hayden, Kyle Joiner, Alyssa Beyke, Grace Brocato, Bailey Harris, Sammie Hines, Caitlyn Bell, Ben O’Bryan, Emma Silvert, Max Kurtz, Kate Weafer, Robert Hayden, Sean Henry, Grace Brocato, Alex Scheithe, Lydia Wright, Anne Marie Wright, Reece Peach, and Madalyn Hyland.

Certificates were awarded to the following students who were among the top 10 Accelerated Readers for the school year:   Gabrielle Parson, Brooke Boarman, Kaitlyn Durbin, Emma Silvert, Isabela Riedell, Vivian Terry, Madalyn Hyland, Madeline Mattingly, Kate Weafer, and Rudy Clouse.

Certificates of Recognition were presented to the Library Aides:  Bradley Davis, Keaton Davis, Kristen Ebelhar, Megan Goodwin, James Haynes, Sean Henry, Kendall Johnson, Michael Keller, Ben O’Bryan, Spencer Osborne, and Justin Phillips.

The following 7th grade students qualified for State Recognition in the Duke University Talent Search:  Caitlyn Bell, Jaden Bertke, Alexis Gehring, Reese Hayden, Ethan Higdon, Sammie Hines, Kyle Joiner, Max Kurtz, Clayton Lewis, and Emma Silvert.

OCMS students qualifying for The Presidential Gold Award for Educational Excellence were:  Alyssa Beyke, Brooke Boarman, Nick Boarman, Grace Brocato, John Cason, Brooke Cecil, Kaitlyn Durbin, Hagan Edge, Lucia Federico, Evan Goetz, Natalie Goodwin, Drew Hartz, Spencer Harvey, Katie Hayden, Danielle Henning, Isabella Henning, Sean Henry, Madalyn Hyland, Kendall Johnson, Randchelle Johnson, Michael Keller, Elise Kerr, Ben Marshall, Madeline Mattingly, Anna Lee Meyer, Riley Miller, Lily Moore, Avery Nalley, Ben O’Bryan, Spencer Osborne, Hannah Overstreet, Alex Scheithe, Carsyn Settles, Kristina Stelmach, Kate Weafer, Jillian Wheatley, Isabelle Wright, and Lydia Wright.

The Presidential Silver Award for Educational Improvement Certificates were awarded to: Cassidy Carrico, Austin Clements, Caroline Clements, Elisa Clouse, Rudy Clouse, Carson Connor, Jarred Deno, Noah Edelen, Javier Gaynor, Max Hein, Jack Higgins, Elizabeth Keller, Emma Payne, Caroline Reid, and Cassidy Towery.

Students who maintained High Honor grades for the school year are:   7th  grade –  Logan Aud, Abby Bahnick, Caitlyn Bell, Jaden Bertke, Aaron Buckman, Max Byrne, Kristen Corley, Cameron Daniels, Garrison Danzer, Logan Davis, Hallie Dukate, Sarah Edge, Delaney Flaherty, Joseph Fusco, Alexis Gehring, Jenna Glenn, Thomas Gonzalez, Megan Goodwin, Bailey Harris, Reese Hayden, Owen Hayden, Robert Hayden, Catherine Head, Ethan Higdon, Reece Higdon, Sammie Hines, Emilee Hutchison, Lily Igleheart, Gracie Jennings, Kyle Joiner, Jade Keller, Kendall Kessler, Max Kurtz, Clayton Lewis, Carter McCain, Cassidy McCarthy, Lexie Miles, Emma Moore, Finley Munsey, Matthew Murphy, Gabrielle Parson, Luke Payne, Reece Peach, Hadley Phelps, Caleb Ranallo, Emma Sllvert, Michael Sullivan, Olivia Taylor, Vivian Terry, Russell Tichenor, Maddie Ward, Anne Marie Wright, Mackenzie Young, Sarah Young, and Olivia Zambrano.

8th grade – Brady Aud, Alyssa Beyke, Jayden Bickett, Brooke Boarman, Nick Boarman, Grace Brocato, Cassidy Carrico, John Cason, Brooke Cecil, Rudy Clouse, Kaitlyn Durbin, Hagan Edge, Lucia Federico, Evan Goetz, Natalie Goodwin, Drew Hartz, Spencer Harvey, Katie Hayden, Danielle Henning, Isabella Henning, Sean Henry, Jack Higgins, Madalyn Hyland, Jonathan Isbill, Kendall Johnson, Randchelle Johnson, Logan Jones, Michael Keller, Elise Kerr, Ben Marshall, Anna Lee Meyer, Riley Miller, Lily Moore, Ben O’Bryan, Spencer Osborne, Hannah Overstreet, Caroline Reid, Alex Scheithe, Carsyn Settles, Kristina Stelmach, Kate Weafer, Jillian Wheatley, Isabella Wright and Lydia Wright.

Students who qualified for Honors for the year are: 7th grade – Lydia Baird, Molly Ballard, Wesley Blondin, Madeline Castlen, Madison Chino, Thomas Clouse, Kaleb Daugherty, Lilly Farmer, Allie Hamilton, Harold Hogg, Anna Hyland, Caroline Kanipe, Joey Leesman, Camille Luttrell, Leann Lyon, Nolan Mayfield, Rachel Payne, Isabela Riedell, Sophia Riedell and Elizabeth Yanez.

8th Grade – Cecilia Clemens, Austin Clements, Caroline Clements, Elisa Clouse, Carson Connor, Jarred Deno, Noah Edelen, Hunter Garvin, Jack Hamilton, Max Hein, Madeline Mattingly, Bethany Mayfield, Avery Nalley, Mariathina Panayi, Andrew Riney, Cassidy Towery and Celia Wright.

Students who received Academic Achievement awards are:  7th grade –  Gus Lattus, Ally Maggard, Willow Matthews, Harley Millay, Clayton Thompson and Cailey Warren.

8th Grade – Cole Blandford, Emily Dant, Braden Dill, Elizabeth Keller, Matthew Lynn, Jaden Wall and Matthew Zambrano.

Band Awards were presented to the following:   Brass Musicianship Award:  Ben O’Bryan; Woodwind Musicianship Award:  Samantha Hines; Percussion Musicianship Award:  Sean Henry.  Most Improved 7th Graders:  Gus Lattus, Willow Matthews.  Outstanding 7th Grader:  Olivia Taylor; Most Improved 8th Grader:  Sebastian Lattus; Outstanding 8th Graders:  Kendall Johnson, Spencer Osborne

Choir Musician Awards were presented to Cassidy Carrico, Emma Silvert, Robert Hayden, Madalyn Hyland, and Andrew Gray.  A Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service to the Choir was awarded to Kendall Johnson.

The Bishop Medley Chapter of Junior Beta Club presented a Certificate of Excellent Service to Katie Hayden.

Excellence in Literature award was presented to Katie Hayden.

Excellence in Grammar award was presented to Mackenzie Young.

Excellence in Algebra certificates were presented to Michael Keller, Kaitlyn Durbin, Katie Hayden, Ben O’Bryan, Brooke Boarman, and Isabella Henning.

Excellence in Pre-Algebra certificates were presented Rudy Clouse, Kendall Johnson, Cameron Daniels, Catherine Head, Russell Tichenor, Emma Silvert, Javier Gaynor, Cassidy Towery and Emma Payne.

Social Studies Awards were presented to Brooke Boarman, 8th grade, and to Lexie Miles, 7th grade.

Writing Club Awards were presented to Cassidy Carrico, Jared Wink, Alex Gehring, Sarah Edge.

Science achievement awards were presented to Katie Hayden, Michael Keller, Emma Silvert, Lexie Miles, Ben O’Bryan, Jack Higgins, Aaron Buckman, Catherine Head, and Reece Hayden.

Spanish certificates were presented to Kate Weafer, Lily Moore, Kaitlyn Durbin, Alyssa Beyke, Kendall Johnson, and Brooke Boarman.

French certificate of achievement was awarded to Hagan Edge.

Students working on the 2016-2016 Yearbook were recognized at Awards Day:  Maddie Ward, Anne Marie Wright, Madeline Castlen, Lily Igleheart, Jade Keller, Abby Bahnick, Spencer Harvey, Bailey Harris, Mackenzie Young, Savannah Rice, Leann Lyon, Lexi Miles, Javier Gaynor, Avery Nalley, Anna Hyland, and Emilee Hutchison.