OCMS Catholic Schools Week Calendar 

Catholic Schools Week is a time when we can celebrate OCMS and show our love for our Catholic Schools.   For this year’s celebration, we have planned the following activities and dress-up days:

Monday, January 27th: Celebrating diversity within our diocese and universal Church by wearing  Red, White, and Blue items.

Tuesday, January 28th: Celebrating Family by saying Hats off to parents and grandparents for supporting Catholic Schools.  Students may wear hats.  Also, students are encouraged to bring in photos of their families that will be displayed throughout the school; photos will not be returned. 

Wednesday, January 29th: Celebrating Staff by allowing students to dress like a teacher/staff member. PTO is providing lunch for teachers; a big thank you to PTO!

Thursday, January 30th: Celebrating the Church and encouraging all to follow in Christ’s footsteps by allowing students to wear crazy socks. Students will participate in Mass at 1:45 p.m., and they will hear a discussion about Vocations before Mass begins. 

Friday, January 31st: Celebrating Students through a non-uniform day. However, 8th graders will be attending a School Choice Rally in Owensboro in the morning (a separate letter will be going home) and will need to be in school uniform. They will change into spirit attire upon returning to school. We will have homeroom olympics on this day, and homerooms are encouraged to have a team theme.  Religion bee finals will also be held today.  Finally, this will be a no homework day for all students. 

Again, We Love Our Catholic Schools, and we are looking forward to celebrating this week.