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OCHS Dismissal Information/Procedure

The Daviess County Bus Garage has asked that we send out this information to parents concerning afternoon dismissal. 

Parents are not allowed to pick up students in the parking lot via ACES Avenue.  The gate will be locked and only buses will be allowed in for afternoon dismissal. 

Parents may enter the parking lot from the Dean Avenue entrance to pick up students, but remember, you may not leave until the buses have cleared the lot, and our first priority is to get the students drivers out of the lot as soon as possible. 

To avoid student drivers in the lot, please wait until around 3:10 to pick up students.  By then the parking lot will have cleared significantly.  Another option (and quicker) is to pick up students on Parkview Drive, having the students cross Parrish Avenue with the crossing guard.

We hope that you will join us in this effort to keep all of our students safe during the time of dismissal.