OCHS Archery team will be selling Dewig Meats until March 21st. You will receive your order Thursday, March 28th, right after school in the parking lot. Items available are:

Pork Chops 10 lb. box, approx 20 – 8 oz chops –$25

Beef Patties 5 lb. box, 4 to a lb. 20 per box –$25

Pork Burgers 5 lb box, 4 to a lb., 20 per box –$25

Bratwurst  3 lb. box, approx. 14 per box –$20

BBQ Ribs 1 whole slab with cooking instructions –$20

BBQ Butts 1 whole butt with cooking instructions –$25

To order contact an member of the archery team or Tiffany Harrington at [email protected]