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OCHS Afternoon Student Pickup – Important Reminders

We have received word from the Owensboro Police Department that there are some issues with afternoon pickup on Parkview Drive.  So we would like to remind our parents of a few things:

-If you are picking up your children, you must pull over to the side of the street.  You may not stop in the middle of the road to pick up your child.

-Do not stop on Parrish Avenue waiting to turn on to Parkview.  If traffic is backed up, move on past the street and circle back.

-In an effort to be good neighbors, we ask that you not block driveways, or use driveways to turn round on Parkview.

-We will try and open Aces Avenue as soon as the buses leave so that parents may pick up at that time.

-One final word of advice: Generally the OCHS parking lot and Parkview Drive are clear by 3:10PM.  If you can wait until that time, student pickup may be much faster and easier.