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OCES 4th and 5th Grade Win District Academic Competition

Congratulations to our 4th & 5th grade Academic Team for placing 1st in the District Academic Competition held at the 4-6 Campus this past weekend.  The following students placed in their individual subject areas:

Christopher Lewis – 1st Math
Johnathan Ford – 2nd Math
Todd Riter – 1st Science
Andrew Brauer – 2nd Science
Tom Kurtz – 4th Science
Landon Reffitt – 2nd Social Studies
Brooke Hamilton – 4th Language Arts
Lily Hayden – 1st Arts & Humanities
Leah Thompson – 4th Arts & Humanities
Ella Claire Goetz – 2nd Composition
Abby Baughman – 5th Composition

Our Quick Recall Team went undefeated placing 1st.  Team Members include:
Brooke Hamilton
Katie Scheithe
Landon Reffitt
Brandon Moore
Christopher Lewis
Johnathan Ford
Logan Bell
Andrew Brauer
Tom Kurtz
Maria Pfeifer
Luke Frey
Hadley Corley
Timmy Brannock

We will move on to the Regional Competition on March 12th at Southern Oaks!

A big “Thank You” to our teachers and coaches for all their hard work in preparing our students and working for this competition.  We would also like to thank Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Kauffeld for organizing and planning the competition.
Academic team District champions