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New Incentive for OC Families Selling Home Raffle Tickets

Hey OC Families – We have a New Incentive for YOU!

 Parents can win CASH

WIN CASH – 1st-$500, 2nd-$250, 3rd-$100, 4th-$100, 5th-$50

 Students can win –

A Free Day Off from SCHOOL – OCMS and OCHS

A Week’s Worth of FREE DRESS DAYS – K-3 and 4-6

Announcing a NEW INCENTIVE for Home Raffle Sales

Feb 9 – 24

Any family who sells a home raffle ticket between Feb. 9-24, your name goes into a drawing for one of the cash prizes listed above. Sell 2 tickets, your name goes in twice, 10 tickets – 10 entries. You get the picture!

Once a family sells 3 tickets, your children will earn the prize listed above!

To get tickets, drop by Central Office and we will sign out tickets to you, or you can contact me at [email protected].

You could win some serious pocket change – and your kids, well, we think they’ll like their prize as well!