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Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up at K-3 Campus

Morning Drop Off

Car Riders may drop children out anywhere from the front door to the end of the building. Staff members will be there to supervise. Reminder that cars CAN go around any bus parked at the end of the building- even if the STOP sign is out. We have special permission to do this in our parking lot ONLY. Students may enter the front door OR the side cafeteria door. Students who arrive before 7:30 will be directed to the cafeteria. School starts at 7:45. Please be on time!
Afternoon Dismissal

In the afternoon, parents who pick up should get out of the car and walk up to the front row, so that children will easily find their ride. If an older sibling from the 4-6 is picking up a younger brother or sister, they must act appropriately. This is not the time for them to socialize. They should stand and wait for their sibling.

For the first few months Kindergarten students will stay in a special “fenced in” area until a parent or older sibling gets them. All Kindergarten students will exit out the front lobby doors.

NO PETS are allowed in the parking lot during afternoon pick up. If you have a dog that rides with you to pick your child up- please leave the dog in the car.

Please note- any time there is a change in your child’s schedule for afternoon pickup, please call the school office by 1:30.