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Message from OCS

End of School Year 2019-20 

An expected but disappointing announcement this week put to rest any hopes of returning in person to school for the 2019-20 year. The Governor in making this announcement also ended any chance that we could finish the basketball season or any Spring sports 

The final day of school is Friday, May 8, 2020. 

We continue to look at many different options regarding end of year events at each Campus. With the new Federal guidelines announced last week, Kentucky would need to be in Phase 3 before we could have crowds of 50 or more. 

OCHS has been talking with Seniors about various options for graduation – everything from in person graduation to drive-in or virtual graduation. We will continue to keep you updated. 

OCMS will be doing their annual awards recognition day via video.  

The 4-6 Campus is looking at sending award recognitions to students via mail. More information will be coming soon. 

Both the K-3 Campus and the 4-6 Campus are looking at having a device, homework, and book turn in on May 11 – 12. As these plans are finalized, families from each of these campuses will receive a letter giving more details 


After School and Bus Fee Credit/Reimbursement 

We will be issuing credits/rebates for afterschool and or bussing the week of May 4, 2020. We will apply these credits to any outstanding balances you may have for 19.20. Should your 19.20 balance be paid in full, we will apply the credits to 20.21. Should you need to make other arrangements, please contact Kathy Sterling at [email protected]. 


SCRIP to re-open Soon to Drive Through Orders ONLY 

Be on the lookout for an announcement regarding scrip re-opening to drive through pickup. 


Tuition Assistance  

Just a reminder to families who have applied for tuition assistance – please check your email, open, and accept your award for each child. This will lock those dollars in to be used for your account. Even if you need to appeal, you can, you just have to accept the initial award first