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Message from Coach Jim Ivey

Great Banquet Sunday!!  At least I hope all that attend enjoyed one last gathering with Our 2019 Seniors who attended.  I can tell you for sure “I Enjoyed and will continue prayers for this special group of student athletes.  I do apologize if this date conflicted with a prior commitment or family time.  As I stated at the banquet, it’s almost impossible to pick a good time for all in the summer.  With those Senior who missed, stop by one day this week after school to gather awards that are coming to you.

For all underclassmen, I’ll be announcing for you to stop by after school and pick up awards that you earned.  2 last details!!!  I need all uniforms turned in this week and $25 to cover banquet cost (disregard in the event you have already fulfilled these 2 obligations).  This email also covers those who attended (including Seniors who have not fulfilled both obligations).

Through Christ We Find S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H,

Coach Jim Ivey