Lady Aces State Tournament Ticket Information

Tickets for the Girls’ State Tournament game on Wednesday, March 13 will be on sale in the Owensboro Catholic athletic office on:

  • Friday, March 8th  from 8 am  to 3 pm;
  • Saturday, March 9th from 9 am to noon; and
  • Monday, March 11th from 8 am to 3 pm; and
  • Tuesday, March 12th from 8 to noon.

Tickets are $12 at the school and $14 at Rupp Arena. All individuals two (2) years of age or older must have a ticket for admission. If they require a seat, they require a ticket.

The school has tickets  in Sections 40 and 41. The first 8 rows of those sections will  be sold to students first with adult seating behind the students.

Single session tickets ranging from $14 to $20 will be available at the door.

Fans wishing to purchase seats in advance (credit card order, etc.), and not purchase through the school, they can order via Ticketmaster® at the link on the KHSAA website but will incur additional Ticketmaster convenience fees. Use this link:


The following are instructions from the KHSAA:


The KHSAA will exercise normal care and control to provide students and fans with accessible seating.

Accommodations have been made for persons in wheelchairs and those otherwise unable to utilize the traditional arena seating.

Rupp Arena does not provide wheelchairs for public use during events.

Tickets for those individuals who need accessible seating, and applicable companion seating may be purchased at the main ticket office.

Due to insurance and other concerns, wheel chairs are not normally permitted in the team bench areas, and are to be seated in the designated areas.

Necessary floor level accommodations are available should the need arise by contacting Julian Tackett at the KHSAA.


Be aware that when you enter an event, bags, purses and packages are subject to be searched and magnetometers will be utilized at this event.

In the event that an item is found to be contrary to the security practices implemented by local and Federal law enforcement authorities, you may be forced to return items to your car and/or hotel prior to entering the arena.

Those individuals involved with this determination are adhering to applicable Federal, State and Local guidelines, and your cooperation is appreciated.

Refer to Rupp Arena’s website for a complete list of prohibited items at the link at the end of these instructions.

It is anticipated that scanning machines (magnetometers) will be in use (much like airport screening) at all entrances to the arena.

Patrons are expected to follow the directives of security personnel in compliance with the use of these machines.

Travel plans should be made accordingly and arrive in time to allow the venue to properly execute its security plan.

Rupp Arena policies are listed in the link at the end of this manual.