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Kroger Update – Good News!

How does earning money for your individual SCRIP account and for Owensboro Catholic Schools sound to you? Pretty great, right!!!

As you know, Kroger is introducing a new program called ‘Community Rewards’, a nationwide program revolving around the Kroger Plus card. This program is designed to have you enroll your Kroger Plus card and earn money for OCS every time you make a purchase (some products excluded).

Well, for OCS families, you will be able to purchase preloaded Kroger gift cards at our OCS SCRIP office and use them to pay for your purchases. When you purchase these gift cards you are earning money for yourself!  

Now, when you use Kroger gift cards in conjunction with your Kroger Plus card you are going to earn money for you and for OCS!  A true win-win!!!!

SCRIP will have Kroger gift cards in stock by the end of August. These cards will allow you to earn 3% toward your tuition rebate. When coupled with your Kroger Plus card, the amount that you and OCS can earn will be between 4-5%.

Dollars generated by you for OCS will be used to help offset tuition increases. The more you help OCS earn, the more we can offset tuition increases.

How do you enroll to start earning money for you and OCS?  In the coming days we will communicate how to register your Kroger Plus card – including our exclusive organization number.

Until then – a few reminders:

  1. SCRIP SUCCE$$ is out of stock on the Kroger re-chargeable cards and we can NO LONGER get them.
  2. Saturday, August 30, 2014, is the last day that you can reload your Kroger card ($500 max per reload) and have it go toward your account. Remember, you get credit at time of reload, not when you spend it.
  3. Any remaining balance on your rechargeable card CAN BE USED in conjunction with the Community Rewards – provided you have signed up your Kroger Plus card.

One final comment – Kroger has been very good to our OC families (over $144,000 in just the past year!) – and, we have been very good to Kroger!
By nature, we aren’t fond of change, but let’s be thankful for what we have received, and very aggressive in what we can do with the new program. SCRIP believes it can be a win-win-win, for our families, for OCS, and for Kroger!