KMEA 2nd District 2019 All-District Band

The following OCS students auditioned for and made the KMEA 2nd District 2019 All-District Band.  These students will represent Owensboro Catholic at All-District Weekend in January.  Congratulations to each of you!

Middle School Blue Band

Cecilia Broxon- Flute 9th chair

Bryson Brown- Alto Saxophone 3rd chair

Holly Wilkerson- French Horn 4th chair

Jessenia Garcia- Trombone 3rd chair

Jack Calhoun- Percussion 1st chair

Brandon Moore- Percussion 4th chair

Middle School Gold Band

Jessica Higdon- Clarinet  2nd chair

Theresa Lattus- Clarinet 6th chair

Johnathan Ford- Clarinet 7th chair

Jake Hines- Trombone 2nd chair

9/10 Band

Sam Hines- Flute 7th chair

Emma Silvert- Flute 10th chair

Molly Trogden- Clarinet 7th chair

Willow Matthews- Clarinet 9th chair

Alyssa Frey- Clarinet 14th chair

Ross Fleming- Trombone 5th chair

Carter Osborne- Tuba 3rd chair

Thomas Gonzalez- Mallets 1st chair

11/12 Band

Cambron Johnson- Clarinet 9th chair

Kendall Johnson- Trombone 3rd chair

Spencer Osborne- Mallets 2nd chair

Paul Pfeifer- Percussion 2nd Chair

Congratulations to Kendall Johnson (Trombone), Spencer Osborne (Mallets) and Paul Pfeifer (Snare and Timpani) for being recommended to audition for All-State Band.