Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Owensboro Catholic Schools for your family.  Being new to the Catholic Schools, we would like to address some common questions.

What does parish-sponsored mean?

  • The parish sponsorship is renewed each year.
  • For Catholic families who are currently members of an OCS sponsoring parish, we encourage you to inform your parish pastor of your intent to enroll your child in the Owensboro Catholic Schools and inquire what is involved in receiving parish sponsorship.  Each parish is responsible for their requirements for a family to be parish-sponsored for the Owensboro Catholic Schools.  Generally it involves your family being active in parish life and utilizing time, talent and treasure.
  • Each of our sponsoring parishes contributes funds (totaling $3 million) to the Owensboro Catholic Schools on behalf of the students from the parishes, which allows the parish sponsored tuition rate to be lower than those non parish sponsored.
  • A voucher is given by the parish office to the family, which then is submitted to the OCS office.

Which parishes are OCS sponsoring parishes?

St. Anthony, Browns Valley Blessed Mother, Owensboro St. Stephen Cathedral/Blessed Sacrament, Owensboro
St. Augustine, Reed Our Lady of Lourdes, Owensboro Sts. Joseph and Paul, Owensboro
St. Mary Magdalene, Sorgho Precious Blood, Owensboro St. Pius X, Owensboro
St. Alphonsus, near Mt. Saint Joseph The Immaculate, Owensboro St. Elizabeth, Curdsville
St. Martin, Rome St. Peter of Alcantara, Stanley
When can I start utilizing the SCRIP program?

The SCRIP year runs from June 1 through May 31.  A family must be registered to receive credit.

Will my child be able to ride the bus?

If your family lives in the Daviess County Public Schools district, then your child may ride the bus to and from any Owensboro Catholic Schools site. DCPS determines the bus route and times.

How are the Owensboro Catholic Schools configured?

The Owensboro Catholic Schools are configured into an Elementary K-3 Campus, Elementary 4-6 Campus, Middle School (grades 7-8) and High School (grades 9-12).

Another benefit of the Owensboro Catholic Schools!

Since our schools are structured as the Elementary K-3 Campus, Elementary 4-6 Campus, OCMS and OCHS, it does not matter where you live, we will not have redistricting. It’s nice to know where your child attends school is not dependent on your home address. Many families find this reassuring since it doesn’t limit where they may live in relation to the school district.

What are the benefits to this configuration?

We see the ultimate benefits of such a configuration and collaboration of teaching efforts and faith formation.

  • As a school system we are able to align all aspects of what we offer for grade level curriculum and across all grade levels with curriculum mapping.
  • Our Elementary K-3 Campus students collect Holy Cards of saints so after 4 years of collecting and trading, they will have an extensive collection of cards to learn about a variety of saints.
  • Both elementary sites utilize iPads and iTouch to reinforce skills and SuccessMaker and Lexia programs for various learning levels.
    • SuccessMaker uses technology to create an individual learning plan for the student, automatically presenting instruction at the level at which a student is ready to learn.
    • Students receive multi-sensory practice in phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition and fluency by working with the Lexia program.
  • Large financial undertakings are possible with the new configuration in maximizing the reach to all our students and the investment in learning for the long run.
  • Students are able to have a wide range of friends over the years and thus allowing an easier transition to the middle school and high school.

Since faith is our basis of existence, we find our priests involved in each of our school sites more than ever.  The pastors of the parishes who sponsor our schools rotate among the schools to say Mass, the sacrament of reconciliation and classroom visits.  Our students will have their parish pastor at least once a year in their school.

The Owensboro Catholic Schools are proud to provide daily faith formation, academic excellence, championship caliber athletics and award winning extracurricular activities in the most effective way – by relying on our faith and each other.

We look forward to working with you and having your family part of the Owensboro Catholic Schools family!