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Curriculum Night this Thursday, August 27 at 4-6 Campus

Please make plans to attend the Parent Information Night, Thursday, August 27th at 6:00. This night has been planned to answer many of your questions about what to expect this year for your child’s grade level. Teachers will address the curriculum, homework policies, studying tips, and more. Parents will also have an opportunity to ask questions and meet other parents. This is an evening for parents only, so please make other arrangements for your children.
The evening will begin in the cafeteria for sixth grade parents and in the classrooms for fourth and fifth grade parents. Teachers will give two presentations for parents who have more than one child at the 4-6 Campus. Each presentation will last about 20 minutes. An announcement will be made over the PA to move to the next class.
The Co-curricular Teachers in Music, Library/Computer, and Art will also be available. You may also go to one of these classrooms to hear about what your child will be doing each week in their special classes.