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COVID Related Information

If any member of the same household is having any COVID-like symptoms &/or are waiting for COVID test results, all students in the household may not return to school until the results of the COVID test are known &/or if a healthcare provider can provide an alternative diagnosis (i.e. strep throat, eat infection, etc).


  • NOTE:   for “COVID-EXPOSURE “only—Student will NOT need to Quarantine & may return to School if any of these 3 conditions apply:

 The student has been fully vaccinated (at least 14 days have passed since 2nd COVID vaccine received) and is not showing any COVID-like symptoms, &/or

If the last contact the student had with the COVID-Positive person was > 48 hours of the COVID-Positive person’s symptom onset, &/or

Student was Not <6 feet for longer than 15 minutes, 24 hours cumulative to the COVID-Positive Individual. In the  K-12  indoor classroom  setting per CDC, this excludes students  who  were  >3  feet  away  from  an  infected  student  if  both  students  were  engaged  in  consistent  and  correct  use  of masks.

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