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Catholic Schools Adapt to Change

“If you aren’t changing, you’re dying!”

That quote or a variation of that expression (“Adapt or die”) has been attributed to lots of people. It has significant relevance for our personal lives, but most of the time it refers to organizations and businesses.  Nobody wants to change for change’s sake. And there’s a lot to be said for experienced people who have a breath of experience holding productive roles for a long time. But change is always taking place whether we want it or not. What’s important is that the Owensboro Catholic School System is prepared for change and that we are prepared to meet the challenges that come with change.

We are!

We lost some outstanding, difficult-to-replace leadership this year, but two of the four principal positions have already been filled, and interviews are already set up for other positions in our school system.

First, the OCS Central Office has gone through a reorganization process over the last few years. COVID detoured things for a while, but the leadership team has wasted little time putting together projects and priorities for the system.

We announced this week that Tracy Conkright has accepted the role of Chief Education Officer for the K-12 system. Central Office has a wealth of expertise in human resources, accounting, and advancement, so Tracy brings the educational balance to daily operations. Tracy has already been a gift to my efforts in the organization, and now she will have direct responsibilities for the K-12 curriculum, principal and teacher development, accreditation, and a myriad of other organizational responsibilities.  In addition to her academic skillsets, Tracy brings some historical continuity to the position. She will be a tremendous asset in directing the leadership team, the education council and communicating with pastors.


  • The system continues to move building projects forward at every campus.
  • Effective recruitment efforts will soon reach maximum occupancy in grades K-6 and we will either propose major construction or possibly move a grade up to Middle School.
  • The generosity coming from the Advancement Office’s efforts is providing new opportunities in academics and athletics.
  • We have significantly expanded our Information Technology efforts.
  • We are in the brainstorming stages of trying to make more of an effort to expand preschool efforts.
  • We are starting a leadership formation program to identify faculty who may want to move into administrative positions in the future.
  • Most importantly, we continue to try and expand faith formation to every area of school life. From athletics to small group communities, to daily efforts of adoration, eucharistic processions, and other forms of Catholic practice and symbolism,  our primary role is to pass on the teachings of our Catholic Faith to the generations that follow.

This doesn’t scratch the surface of OCS activities. We have an incredible community of pastors, parents, alumni, benefactors, faculty, volunteers, coaches, and staff who play an important role in the spiritual and physical growth of our system.  It was Einstein who said that the ability to change is the measure of intelligence! So please continue to prayerfully support the efforts and the new agents of change who are entrusted with leading our Catholic Schools. May God bless our decisions and actions! 

President, Owensboro Catholic Schools