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Catholic Education is Sacrifice for All

Portions of an open letter from Mike and Trina Riney – a great reminder of the financial sacrifices made by all who teach and work for Catholic education!

“First, let me thank each of you for the financial sacrifice that you endure as a teacher/staff at OCHS.

After teaching 11 years in OCS (9 at OCHS), I fully understand that those who teach in OCS are truly self-less, live life with a servant’s heart and exhibit a willingness to make a difference
to benefit Catholic education.

Mike and I have done without vacations, new cars and other material goods to enable our girls to receive a Catholic Education. I am quite aware that the cost to educate our three daughters would have been higher if not for the willingness of the wonderful people who give of themselves professionally and personally to enable a quality Catholic education.

We are indebted to each of you for your commitment and willingness to answer the call to be a Catholic educator.”