Best ACT Scores in School History

A few weeks ago,  we received some very exciting news when we found out that we had achieved our highest ACT scores in the history of Catholic High!   This is even more amazing when taking into consideration that this was achieved during arguably one of the toughest times to be in a school setting. When reflecting on this success,  we can talk about our students’ abilities, their focus and their willingness to  achieve.  We can talk about our teachers, who work with  those students each day to help provide them with the skills necessary to do well in school and in life. We can talk about the months-long ACT prep guided by Mr. Osborne and implemented by our staff so that students were very prepared and ready when test time came.  And of course,  we can talk about our  parents, who are their children’s  first teachers, who send us wonderfully prepared students and who are  so supportive of our schools and what goes on each day. There is an old saying in high schools about successful sports teams:  Show me a good team and I’ll show you a good feeder system. In the case of OCS, we certainly have the mentality that we are a team and that we all want the same things for our students at each level. Even though OCHS gets credit when our students do well in testing, those of us who have been involved with high schools know that we have a GREAT feeder system and that the process starts with parents making the OCS choice. And that starts at the K-3, nurtured through the 4-6 campus, and developed at OCMS, all to prepare those students for OCHS. We also have many students from Holy Name in Henderson and John Paul II in Morganfield who have greatly contributed to our success, and we appreciate them too. While we at OCHS are extremely proud and excited to have this type of success with the SECOND most important thing we do each day, we know that this could not be achieved without all of us working together. When we talk about the  OCS  family, it doesn’t mean we are perfect, and we may even have some disagreements at times, just as any family does. But it does mean that we all pull together, we are all on the same side and we all want the same things for our students, and we at OCHS certainly recognize and appreciate all that happens  along the way before they get to us.  So we say THANKS to all those who have played a role along the way with this outstanding achievement, and we should ALL share and be proud of OUR accomplishments!

-Gates Settle – OCHS Principal