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Back to School Plans

Back to School in August –

Multiple Plans Being Discussed

Covid-19 has put us all in a place that we really never thought we would be – but as we continue the push to return to normal, we wanted to give you an update on the multiple plans that we are considering for the start of school.

We have every intention to return to school in person in August. Be it on the 12th as originally scheduled, or maybe a week or so later, we understand how important it is for your children to be in the building, to see their faith modeled in a variety of ways, and to firsthand experience the difference that makes OCS such a special place!

We are preparing for multiple in person scenarios. We will follow all CDC and local health department guidelines for a safe return to school and we will work with families who have children with underlying medical conditions to provide an education to their children until they can return in person.

We anticipate being able to provide the many afterschool activities and services, including extra-curriculars and athletics. 

Of course, this is Thursday, June 11th so we don’t know what might happen in the coming weeks. We are and will continue to adjust and be ready for whatever guidelines are considered to be best practice at the time.

Your continued commitment to OCS does not go unnoticed. Everyone across our schools are appreciative of you and the way you stepped up during this unprecedented time. We are all looking forward to seeing your children fill our classrooms!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – [email protected]