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August 2023 Education Council Meeting Minutes

Owensboro Catholic Schools

August 29, 2023 – 5:30 – 6:25 PM


Minutes submitted by Maria Carr

Voting Board Members In attendance:

Fri Pat Reynolds                Fr. John Thomas               Amanda Millay                  Melanie Wallace               Amy Hines

Amanda Jerome              

Non-Voting members in attendance:

David Kessler                     Tracy Conkright                 George Powell                  Jennifer Hall                       Natalie Hayden

Chip Schrader                    Julie Garvin                         Matt Madej                        Wendy Kenny                    Jenny Glenn

Andra Montgomery        Kristin Miller                       Sherry Krampe                  Alyssa Schueler                 Shannon Lutrell Dan Summersgill       Clare Cordell                      Maria Carr

Opening prayer led by Fr. Pat Reynolds.

Approved the minutes of last meeting, May 8, 2023 – approved by Amy Hines and seconded by Melanie Wallace.

Tracy Conkright highlighted Education Report provided to Board members prior to meeting:

  • Her role as the OCS Chief Education Officer – resource for the four new principals, to continue the work of uniting the four school sites and central office as a K-12 system.
  • Oversee the process of Accreditation through the Non-Public Schools Commission.  This is a constructive self-study designed to improve the education process within our schools and community and is due for review in March 2024.

Board members approved the Mission Statement as read.

  • Introduced the K-12 teachers Mentoring Program, which is a focused collection and reflection selected from a teacher’s work to demonstrate his/her efforts to analyze student learning as well as the new teacher’s performance on the Diocesan and Ky. Standards.

Council members were provided with Directors’ reports to review before the meeting.

Directors – highlight major concerns.

Ben Buchanan, IT Director (IT report reviewed by Tracy in Ben Buchanan absence):

  • New updated phone system has been integrated at all sites – paid with EANS.
  • Updating and upgrading security doors at Elementary campuses and trying to bring on the Central office, middle and high schools.

Debbie James, Human Resources Director (reviewed by Tracy in Debbie James absence):

  • Many reviews and interviews were conducted for new administrator, teachers, and support staff. 
  • Introduced the new insurance provider to all employees, updated school policies and procedures including maternity/paternity/adoption leave and the increase from 25% to 50% in tuition discount to faculty/staff.

Matt Madej, Director of Faith Formation:

  • Getting students of all grades in church/chapel at least once a week, Rosary, Adoration, Confessions, music, etc.
  • High school is adding a chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes to the Virtue=Strength program and opening it to all students. First meeting had over 60 students.
  • Teaching an elective, Discipleship Formation, at OCHS to explore and deepen outward expressions of students’ faith.

Jenny Glenn, Admissions:

  • Started 2023-2024 school year on August 9th with 1256 students.
  • Everyone enjoyed the “Catch-up in Courtyard” – would like to repeat next year.
  • 4-6 Campus had the largest enrollment increase.

Julie Garvin, Controller:

  • Asked the board members to review the reports presented.
  • Our fiscal year ended June 30th and the shortage in our Operating Statement was funded by endowment distributions and excess cash from the previous year.
  • To better align our resources, K-12, we have combined the K-8 general fund and the high school general fund to one K-12 general checking account. As of the beginning of this fiscal year, the K-12 checking account is where most of the deposits are made as well as where most of the checks are written. Athletic, Bingo, Scrip and PTO programs are not funded by tuition, so they still have separate checking accounts. This process will simplify the financial piece for the principals so that their focus can be on their teachers and students.

Dan Summersgill, Maintenance Director

  • New equipment purchased for cleaning and sanitation.
  • Moving toward purchasing and using the same products for cleaning and upkeep of area K-12.
  • Continuing staff training.
  • Focusing on doing jobs internally, without outside vendors, as much as possible.

Sherry Krampe – RN and School Health Services

  • Summer was busy with closing out 2022-2023 school year and opening up the 2023-2024 school year.  Magnus program was a time saver.
  • Completed CPR/First Aid Training for many employees and getting verification cards to personnel.
  • Scheduling flu shots for OCS employees.

Natalie Hayden – Advancement Director

  • Video presentation (by Clare Cordell) – OCS “Before” and “After” projects and first day of school.

Principals – Highlights from Schools’ Calendar

Kristen Miller, K-3 Campus Principal

  • First days are going well for teachers and students.
  • New doorbell for security has been welcomed by parents and staff.

Wendy Kenny, 4-6 Campus Principal

  • Looking at door screens for security.
  • Starting 2023-2024 Gr 6 Aces Crusaders.
  • Several Gr 6 students are starting Band with Mr. Hauser, OCS band director

Chip Schrader, OCMS Principal

  • Getting to know faculty, staff, and students.
  • Due to The Parish of the Immaculate church renovations – setting up new drop off and pick up procedures for Middle School.

George Powell, OCHS Principal

  • Getting to know faculty and staff.
  • Busy getting the school year started.

Board Roundtable Discussion

  • Fr. John Thomas thanked Ms. Conkright for her dedication and work for Owensboro Catholic Schools and her efforts to bring the system to be inclusive of all grade levels K-12.
  • Fr. Pat Reynolds echoed Fr. John’s comments and thanked the board members and staff for their service to our schools, students, and community.

Fr. John Thomas closed the meeting with a prayer.

Meeting was adjourned by Tracy Conkright at 6:25 PM.

David Kessler, Owensboro Catholic School Superintendent, presented the School Council Training to members of Education Council Board.