An Invitation to Join the ACES Family

Academic excellence is our goal for every single student!

OCS builds instruction and guidance for the individual student in mind. We use the most contemporary forms of “data proven” academic successes in the classroom. And that’s true at every grade level. All of the local, state and national data point to higher test scores in the Catholic School System. This is true in every grade level and becomes even more distinguished at older grade levels. That’s true from the MAP testing at grade school levels to the ACT scores in high school!

There is something very powerful about a school system that is wrapped in daily prayer that adds weekly activities that revolve around establishing a child’s self-worth and importance to God and the world, but in a way that reflects joy and fun. Catholic Schools also provide a measure of insulation for children that attempts to preserve their innocence longer.

Come join us!

Registration is ongoing for new and returning families – contact Central Office 270.686.8896.

Preparing Leaders, Achievers, and Believers!