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An Important Reminder for Users of and


The ease and instantaneous results of online shopping are no doubt very satisfying for holiday shopping. However, we remind you to be aware of the payment methods you choose to purchase scrip.

Gift cards purchases are now available both online and in the OCS Scrip Office. Great Lakes Scrip Center charges a 2.6% fee for online purchases, OCS charges a 3% fee for debit/credit card purchases in the Scrip Office.

PrestoPay is a payment method provided by Great Lakes Scrip Center which drafts your checking account for payment. It is very important that you update your account information if you close an account, switch banks or your bank has changed it’s name and/or routing number. Updating the information must be done by you at the “Payment Types” link under “Family Functions”. Please know that all returned monies, regardless of form, will occur a $35 processing fee. Also, all Scrip ordering will be suspended until funds are brought current. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Because PrestoPay is managed by Great Lakes Scrip Center, there is little flexibility we have in adjusting incorrect or special orders. So please double check yourself for accuracy, before you click the order button. We do not accept returns or exchanges on gift cards.