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An Important Announcement Regarding KROGER Rechargeable Cards

SCRIP SUCCE$$ has been notified that Kroger will end the tracking of rechargeable cards!

What this means is that after August 30,2014, you will no longer be able to recharge your Kroger card and have the recharge go toward your tuition rebate.

With that being said, OCS has been in non-stop talks with Kroger to see what opportunities there are to allow us to continue to operate our program as it is currently established.

Kroger has told us repeatedly – with over 15,000 cards in circulation, and over $300,000 in monthly recharges, we are the largest account they have in the mid-South region!

OCS has submitted 2 alternative ideas to Kroger. Both proposals have been communicated to Kroger corporate leaders and we are awaiting their response.

Kroger has been a very strong supporter of our SCRIP tuition rebate program and we are very hopeful that some solution can be worked out to where the rebate will continue to be earned by you the individual.

We want to thank Kroger for all of their support, and encourage them to reconsider this decision.

Important Notes:

Saturday, August 30, 2014 – the last date you can re-load your Kroger card and have it count towards your family account. (Remember, the credit you earn comes when you re-load your card, not when you spend it).

All Kroger gift cards that have a balance on them will be able to be fully redeemed at your convenience.

Kroger is starting a new program called Community Rewards – this program will allow an organization (OCS in our case) to earn the rebates. We will tell you more about this program IF it is the only option left for us.

Here is how you can help!

Every time you go to Kroger over the next several weeks, you need to let a store manager know (respectfully, of course) how important this is to you – how much you appreciate their past participation – and how you would like for it to continue just as it is.