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4-H Speech Contest Winners!

The following students placed first or second place in the 4-H Speech Contest. The winners in the 10 and 11 and up divisions will compete again next week in the run-off to determine district winners.

9 Year Old: Meredith Fischer 2nd

10 Year Old: Elizabeth Hayden 1st, Luke Frey 2nd, Lilly Silvert 1st, Jackson Wedding 2nd, Matilda Wethington 1st, Reagan Toler 2nd, Hadley Corley 1st, Jody Hopgood 2nd

11 Year Old: Mary Grace Hayden 1st, Maddie Hayden 2nd, Will Jones 1st, Briley Elder 2nd, Carly Wright 1st, Lincoln Ferguson 2nd

12 Year Old: Olivia Hayden 1st, Maddi Cash 2nd, John Michael Frey 1st, Hope Ramming 2nd