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4-6 Students Participate in Lego Challenge

The LEGO competition was Sat., Dec. 3 at Owensboro Community Technical College.  The students exhibited skills in the engineering design process as well as Critical thinking skills.  On competition day, they were interviewed by engineers over the design of the robot, design and process of the project that they completed about human and animal interactions, given a critical thinking problem and had to solve it within the interview allotted time, and the last portion of the competition was the Robot challenge using computer programming skills.

These are the OCES students that well represented our 4-6 Campus.

Mary Grace Johnson

Audrey Dixon

Mary Beth Vaught

Abby Dukate

Parker Jones

Sam Hardesty

Aiden Goodwin


Haley Payne

Will Fogle

Clare Broxon

Sam Dixon

Noah Baird

Cecilia Broxon

Nolan Ingleheart