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21 OCHS Band Members Earn All-District Band

21 OCS Band Students were selected for the 2015 KMEA 2nd District All-District Band. The students prepared audition music and were selected along with other band students from the Henderson/Madisonville/Owensboro area. Selected students will represent Owensboro Catholic at the All-District Band Weekend January 8-10 in Madisonville.

Middle School Blue and Gold Bands

Cambron Johnson—Clarinet—Gold Band–10th Chair

Makayla McCarty—Clarinet—Blue Band–6th Chair

Josafina Garcia—Trumpet—Gold Band–2nd Chair

Ben O’Bryan—Trumpet—Blue Band–3rd Chair

Caitlin Gillihan—Trumpet—Blue Band–6th Chair

Kendall Johnson—Trombone—Gold Band–5th Chair

Sam Wilson—Baritone—Gold Band–4th Chair

Matthew Graviss—Snare Drum—Blue Band–2nd Chair

Paul Pfeifer—Snare Drum—Gold Band–1st Chair

Alex Payne—Snare Drum—Gold Band–4th Chair


9/10 All-District Band

Iona Palmer—Flute—5th Chair

Tricia Thompson—Clarinet—3rd Chair

Kelly Hayden—Clarinet—9th Chair

Jax Matthews—Tenor Saxophone—2nd Chair

Claire Hagan—French Horn—5th Chair

Benjamin Conkright—Baritone—4th Chair

Evan Lorenzen—Snare—2nd Chair


11/12 All-District Band

Becca Ballard—Clarinet—7th Chair—Recommended to Audition for All-State Band

Jacob Payne—Trumpet—5th Chair

Jackson Bittel—Trumpet—7th Chair

Joey Phillips—Tuba—2nd Chair—Recommended to Audition for All-State Band