2015 Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to the members of the Owensboro Catholic Band Program who participated in the KMEA 2nd District Solo and Ensemble Performance Assessment Event at Owensboro Catholic High School on Saturday, April 18, 2015. All Owensboro Catholic Events received either a Distinguished (Superior) or Proficient (Excellent) rating—which was the goal that was set for all of the students.

Owensboro Catholic Middle School

Flute Solo—Mary Dixon—Distinguished

Clarinet Solo—Makayla McCarty—Distinguished

Clarinet Solo—Cambron Johnson—Proficient

Tenor Saxophone Solo—Matthew Graviss—Distinguished

Trumpet Solo—Caitlin Gillihan—Distinguished

Trumpet Solo—Josafina Garcia—Proficient

Baritone Solo—Paul Pfeifer—Distinguished

Baritone Solo—Sam Wilson—Distinguished

Snare Solo—Sean Henry—Distinguished

Snare Solo—Paul Pfeifer—Distinguished

Snare Solo—Matthew Graviss—Proficient

Flute Trio—Mary Dixon, Madelyn Hempen, Harley Slack—Proficient

Clarinet Duet—Makayla McCarthy, Cambron Johnson—Proficient

Saxophone Duet—Grant Toler, Samuel Self—Distinguished

Brass Trio—Ben O’Bryan, Kendall Johnson, Sebastian Lattus—Distinguished

Brass Quartet—Josafina Garcia, Caitlin Gillihan, Paul Pfeifer, Sam Wilson—Proficient

Snare Duet—Alex Payne, Kennedy Roberts—Distinguished

7th Grade Percussion Ensemble—Spencer Osborne, Sean Henry, Justin Phillips, Alex Wolfe, Michael Keller—Distinguished

8th Grade Percussion Ensemble—Paul Pfeifer, Alex Payne, Grant Toler, Sam Wilson, Josafina Garcia, Matthew Graviss, Kennedy Roberts, Samuel Self, Cambron Johnson, Makayla McCarty, Caitlin Gillihan, Mary Dixon, Madelyn Hempen, Harley Slack—Distinguished

Owensboro Catholic High School

Flute Solo—Iona Palmer—Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble*

Clarinet Solo—Becca Ballard— Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Clarinet Solo—Tricia Thompson–Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Clarinet Solo—Kelly Hayden– Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Alto Saxophone Solo—Jake Hayden– Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Trumpet Solo—Jacob Payne—Distinguished Plus**– Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Trumpet Solo—Jackson Bittel– Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Trumpet Solo—Geneva Renshaw—Distinguished

French Horn Solo—Claire Hagan—Proficient

Baritone Solo—Benjamin Conkright– Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Tuba Solo—Joey Phillips—Distinguished Plus—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Tuba Solo—Nick Keller—Distinguished Plus—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Snare Solo—Evan Lorenzen—Distinguished—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

Flute Duet—Iona Palmer, Madison Taylor—Proficient

Flute Trio—Iona Palmer, Madison Taylor, Taylor Beyke—Distinguished

Clarinet Trio—Becca Ballard, Tricia Thompson, Kelly Hayden—Distinguished Plus

Saxophone Duet—Danielle Keller, Jax Matthews—Distinguished

Trumpet Duet—Jacob Payne, Jackson Bittel—Distinguished

Brass Duet—John Lashbrook, Benjamin Conkright—Distinguished

Brass Duet—Jack Padgett, Griffin Wassmer—Proficient

Tuba Duet—Joey Phillips, Nick Keller—Distinguished

Brass Trio—Geneva Renshaw, Claire Hagan, Audrey Fulkerson—Proficient

Mallet Duet—Tyler Mayfield, Rachel McBride—Distinguished

High School Percussion Ensemble—Evan Lorenzen, Griffin Wassmer, Ashley Birkhead, Tyler Mayfield, Tricia Thompson, Emma Oakes, Rachel McBride, Becca Ballard, Jack Padgett, Clayton Roberts, Jacob Payne, Jackson Bittel—Distinguished Plus—Qualified for State Solo and Ensemble

*In order for an event to qualify for State, students were required to play music off of a list of approved State Level solos or ensembles. The students had the option of performing in a State Level event or regular event. The student must receive a Distinguished Rating at District Solo and Ensemble to qualify for State.

**A Distinguished Plus is awarded to an event that was performed at an exceptionally high level.